Breaking Dawn Trailer Teaser!!

I definitely just freaked out for a minute!  I was yahoo-ing strange things (a pretty normal thing for me) and came across the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer! eeeeeeek! Check it out!

(courtesy: youtube)
It looks so good!  It's kind of crazy to remember I read the books when they first came out so long ago, but it's so exciting getting to see the stories on screen!

Another Kristen Stewart/Bella-ish note, I get ALL the time, and I mean ALL the time that I look like Bella from twilight.  I'll let you decide:

hahaha, I kid, I kid. Here's a somewhat serious creepy picture of me:

image courtesy: google

I don't know if I see the resemblance! If I have another person come up to me asking if I'm Kristen Stewart, then I'm just going to go along with it.  I mean, maybe it'll be nice to let people think I'm some famous chick.

This post was completely random, but get used to that.

Bye bye bloggies!

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