Miley's Engaged! Hannah-no more-Montana!

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Hey bloggies! ( I know, I made that word up... I think it's got a ring to it)

So this blog is going to be a mix of my life experiences, thoughts on news headlines, celebrity gossip and beauty tips/advice. Basically, a scramble of everything I come across and my opinions- I can see how you might think that's kind of odd, but hey- it's my blog!

So this morning's TOP headline on the Today Show.. which I found quite amusing, was Miley Cyrus' engagement!  I love her.  I guess I'll also admit (I can't believe I'm doing this, it's one of my best kept secrets) that I was a devout Hannah Montana weekly viewer- I know, I know.  I'm currently 23, but at the time I was 19!  I promise I'm not the only twenty-something-year-old who watched that show... I'm sure some of you bloggies have watched it too!  According to, Miley

and Liam got engaged on May 31.  All I have to say is I'm happy for her!  She's so cute and I think they make an adorable couple.  Apparently people are making a fuss over the fact that she's 19.  Honestly, who cares how old she is?  There are plenty of people who get married in their early 20's (I'm assuming their wedding won't be for a few months).  Say what you want about the whole Hollywood romance chaos, but she just may be an exception to that rule.  Congratulations, Miley and Liam!

Now that I've finally decided what content I want in my blog, I'll update it at least once a week!

Bye bye, bloggies!

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