Cystic acne + Brother Franklin say what?

If you're like me, you have super oily and acne prone skin, especially cystic acne which is a beast!  I've tried almost every product out there, but I finally stumbled across a secret for fighting cystic acne and it's a product you wouldn't think twice about using for acne.

GASP- Calamine lotion? SAY WHAT?! For real.  My mom told me about it the other day (thanks mom)!  I feel like there should be a choir singing "hallelujah" because this product for cystic acne is the best thing ever! It makes me want to bust a move like Brother Franklin (yes, that's his real name).

Courtesy: YouTube

Seriously, this guys is a beast with his dance moves! I want him breaking down the dance floor at my wedding next year!

On a more serious and more post-related note, I can't stress enough how much I love calamine lotion!  Usually it's used for poison ivy, poison oak, pain and itch relief and irritated skin, but I went to CVS the other day and got a bottle to try on my acne.  I took a Q-tip (don't use your finger because of the oil in your skin) and put a little bit of the calamine lotion on the end and dabbed it on my acne to sit overnight.  I woke up the next morning and the redness was gone, and my pimple was dried out and half the size it was the night before!  I've been using it for the past 5 nights and seriously swear by this product!  I had at least 5 huge pimples and now they're barely noticeable!  Another plus is that it's very cheap- right around $3-$6.

Try the calamine lotion and I swear you'll be so happy.  You might be happy enough to dance like Brother Franklin!  Try it out and leave a comment if it worked for you.

Bye bye bloggies!

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