Super facial cleansing routine for sensitive skin!

Hey hey, bloggies!  If you're anything like me, I have super oily and super sensitive skin.  My skin is so oily that I could probably fuel my car for an entire year (so attractive, I know).  I've tried just about every skincare product out there to moisturize/cleanse without making my skin even more oily or breakout from harsh additives.

I finally found a skin care line that works superbly for my skin type (oily/sensitive)! 

For the perfect cleanser, try Simple's Refreshing Facial Wash Gel.  It feels amazing on my skin!  I've been using it now for the past few months and it's never dried my skin out or caused some type of rash.

After cleansing, I put a dab of the Soothing Facial Toner onto a cotton ball and smooth it all over my face.  It makes your skin feel so clean!

 To finish my morning routine, I apply the Vital Vitamin Day Cream all over my face/neck.  What I love most about this moisturizer is that it has SPF 15 in it.  I don't have to worry about applying sunscreen separately (which is great if you're a lazy girl like me when it comes to applying moisturizer).

Honestly, my skin feels amazing afterward.  Of course I still have to blot with blotting sheets , but my face still feels clean after an entire day from applying these products and it even reduces some of the oil.  I'm seriously never going back to any other facial cleansers/toners/moisturizers ever again!

Their skin care line makes me so happy! Almost as happy as this guy:
For real though- it's Saturday!  Have a good weekend, bloggies!

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