Skin advice from an ob gyn. (I hate myself for this)

Hey precious bloggies!  After a visit to the lovely (sarcasm much?) female doctor yesterday, I asked him questions about cystic acne and how to resolve it rather than going to get a weekly cortisone shot from the dermatologist.  Of course he laughed since skincare isn't really his forte, but he did give me some pretty good insight.

He first said to get on a birth control regimen to help balance the hormones in your body.  According to the doc, if you get a low dose birth control pill, the risks of thinning hair, weight gain and those other nasty side effects is much less than a normal hormone level bc pill.  He prescribed me the generic of Ortho Tri-Cyclen which is Tri-Sprintec and is the only birth control pill FDA approved to clear acne.  Score!

After balancing the hormones, he said used an effective heat treatment for the acne you do develop.  I was in Target the other day and got the Zeno Hot Spot treatment.
It's a little hand-held device that has a silver tip which heats up to a safe and effective temperature to help destroy the acne causing bacteria.  It was $35 and it comes with 80 treatments. I used it for the first time last night and have since done another treatment.  It's painless, and two of my blemishes have already faded quite a bit and aren't sore like they usually are!  I remember a few years back, Whitney Port was the spokes model for this handy device, and I hated her because her skin was flawless.

Courtesy: google
Don't give me that nasty look, beezy! Your secret is out, Ms. Port!

Honestly, bloggies- try this handy device out! Even thought it's advice from an OB GYN, he's a professional and his advice was pretty legit.  It's better than the calamine lotion routine (although I use that in conjunction with the zeno).  I can't start the pill until next month, but after a couple weeks on that I'll update how much clearer my skin is (hopefully).

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  1. A skin care advice from an OB-GYN? That’s new! Haha. But I guess these doctors know something about skin problems due to hormonal imbalance, since they deal with it most of the time. I think you are quite lucky to have an OB-GYN that doubles as a skin problem advisor at the same time!


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