What a girl wants... literally.

This post came by request from a guy.  I was asked exactly what a woman wants in a man, how she likes to be asked out and her expectations for a first date.  I have to admit, this is awesome to get a request! That means someone actually reads this thing (gasp)!  So here we go, bloggies- read on.

1. What does a woman want in a man?  I'll let Christina Aguilera answer that for ya!

                                                                   Courtesy: YouTube

Haha, I kid.  For real though, she's pretty much legit in this song.  All we really want is to be respected, treated like a lady, for you to remember the little things and to be the only girl in your eyes.  Every girl has, in their lifetime, dated a jerk.  Ladies, I'm sorry to bring that jerk back into your mind!  Remember the little things- bring her flowers every now and then, take her on a romantic date, send her a sweet text message in the middle of the day- I promise it'll work!  When I say be the only girl in your eyes- pay attention to her and only her when you're with her.  Make her feel like she's truly the only girl in the room!

2.  How do we like to be asked out?  Definitely not like this:
                                                                 Courtesy: YouTube

I just got goosebumps! That boy is a creeper to the max.  For real though, I'll take his dog.  On a serious note, we don't like the annoying pick up lines.  We prefer a casual introduction followed by a polite request to go on a date.  It's that simple!  Just be yourself... don't pretend to be something you're not, and don't be a creep.  Just a "hey, would you like to go out sometime?" should do the trick.

3.  What are her expectations for a first date?  First of all, she'll be nervous.  If she said yes to go on a date, then she's obviously into you, and if she's into you then she'll be nervous.  You will both be equally nervous to go out on this date, so don't think it's just you.  She'll expect you to open up doors (including the car door, gentlemen), pay for dinner and have smooth conversations.  Word of advice:  make sure you open every door!  Chivalry is not dead people! Speaking of chivalry... show up to the date with a single flower.  An entire bouquet is way too fancy.  You don't need her singing the Drake "oh you fancy, huh?" song because you brought a ton of flowers.  A single flower is perfect- it says "I like you, but I'm taking it slow".  Also, girls like to talk, obviously (you're probably hoping I'm almost done...), so make sure you ask her questions about herself.  More importantly, listen to what she's saying.  Truly listen and ask questions when you find something interesting. 

Girls are pretty easy to figure out.  Follow these dating tips and you'll be a master in the dating world!  Don't get discouraged if a date doesn't go your way- it just means that it wasn't mean to be!


  1. Unless she's allergic to flowers, then that's probably a bad move. :)

  2. Haha, true. He could make up for it with chocolate or something! :)

  3. Jas won me over with his geektastic charm. Being friends first was totally the way to go. Less pressure. More fun.

  4. As long as a guy treats a woman with respect then he's worth it!


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