X Factor and Britney!

Bloggies, bloggies, bloggies! I'm still on a high from the other day because guess what I go to do?  Greensboro, my current city, was the last stop for X Factor auditions for their upcoming fall 2012 season! I was so excited to hear about that, but even more excited when I found out Britney Spears was one of the judges, accompanied by Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid.  I googled (DUH, I seriously google everything!) X Factor Greensboro and it directed me to the X Factor official website where they were offering free tickets for audience members on July 10 at 1:00 and of course I jumped on that B!

My Fiance and I got to the Greensboro Coliseum around 12:00 and actually got decent seats (my phone pictures don't do our seats justice).  The production crew for the show were doing last minute audio and lighting tests the last hour before the taping began.  After they finished the tests they had cameras come around the audience and film us screaming, as if Brit just entered the building.  They filmed the audience for at least 10-20 minutes and you better believe my voice was almost gone but I had to save some for Brit!  The audience entertainer finally announced that the judges were about to enter in just a few minutes (this was around 2:30ish, so it was a little later than scheduled).  Finally the lights went out in the coliseum and a video started to play on the stage screen.  The video was a prelude to the four judges coming out and started with Simon's intro, followed by L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato and finally Britney Spears! Here's what the intro was like:
Courtesy: YouTube

Once the video ended the host introduced all four celebrities and they came out one after the other!  When Brit came out, it was such an awesome experience!  Girls were crying and people were screaming so loud!  They had a total of 20 auditions in the 4 hour period and would take breaks after every 5 auditions.  Brit seemed a little blah-ish which was a little disappointing, but she looked so cute in her little black mini dress!  Demi Lovato seemed really sweet and Simon was as nice as could be.

I took a few pictures myself, but the quality wasn't very good from all of the lights.  I'll let you decide:
Picture of the stage before the judges came out

When they all arrived on set!
Simon, sitting like a boss in this one
Needless to say, it was an amazing experience!  I'm so glad we had the opportunity to attend the taping and be in the same room as Simon and Brit!

So I did find out why the taping was delayed, and apparently it's because Simon was eating a late breakfast at a local diner (Jake's Diner) and arrived 45 minutes late because he loved his grits so much.  Apparently L.A. Reid wasn't too happy with him, but give the man a break!  He just wanted his grits!  Apparently Simon made up for the mishap by bringing his leftovers to the other judges (which Brit ate), so it's all good in the X Factor hood. 

Courtesy: Google
This is why we waited 45 minutes to see the show!
Bye Bye, Bloggies!

A diesel attends into the vintage.

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