Jersey Shore No More


My fellow guidos/guidettes (we all wish, I'm sure) ... I'm so sorry to blog on this topic, but MTV announced yesterday via Twitter that the upcoming sixth season of Jersey Shore will be the very last!  No more fist pumps, GTL's and gorilla juice-head's? I think I'm going to cry.

Check out the best clips from the amazing show:
Courtesy: MTV/YouTube

I have been hooked on this show since day one! I'm making a prediction that MTV will bring the show back in a couple of years with a completely different cast.  This show was too good to end, yet we have a million seasons of The Real World which is the same thing every season?  While I try to cope with the sadness of the end of Jersey Shore, I'll leave you with this note:
Oh, Honey Boo Boo.  I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of this wee one and her ridiculous family.  Ya'll better redneckonize! Ugh, I'm done.

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