Miley- What's Going On?

Has anyone seen Miley Cyrus' new hair cut?  Take a look at the pic below, but  prepare yourself... it's pretty drastic!
Courtesy: Us Weekly
She looks so different!  I feel like the drastic changes she's made to her hair for the past few weeks is some type of cry for help!  Home girl cut her hair to a short bob and dyed it platinum blonde a couple of weeks ago, then chopped off her hair and got a very short pixie cut.  Despite Mile's (Miley Cyrus) tweets proclaiming her love for her new hairdo, I feel like she's trying to tell everyone something that's bothering her.  I understand she's only 19, but her hair was so beautiful and this makes me sad!

Miley in 2009
Courtesy: Beauty Riot

Miley a couple weeks ago
Courtesy: NowPublic
She looks adorable as a blonde and is one of the lucky ones who can pull off dying brunette to blonde, but then this happened:

 Courtesy: Hollywoodite

I still love that little Cyrus, but I miss her longer hair.  She seems happy, so that's all that matters.  Rock it, Miles & keep partyin' in the USA!
Courtesy: YouTube

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