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This is a very awkward post and I feel odd posting about this (don't get the wrong impression- I'm no big Snoop fan, except for that one song he did with Pharell- that clicky song).  Apparently, Snoop doesn't want to be referred to as Snoop Dogg anymore! Say what?
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This bad- A wants to be referred to as "Snoop Lion" after an epiphany he had while vacationing in Jamaica this past January.  Two very wrong things in that last sentence- first is Snoop Lion, and second is he had an epiphany.  I feel like Snoop and epiphany don't really go well together and shouldn't be in the same sentence.  Apparently he wants to create music that grandparents and kids can listen to.  Do any of you listen to the same music as your grandparents?  If I did, it wouldn't be from Snoop.  This beezy should have had an epiphany on how to shape up his life, but who am I to judge?

How do you guys feel about the recent name change?  Snoop Lion.  How the heck did he go from a Dogg to a Lion? I feel like homeboy should just check himself into a Holiday Inn and just chill out for a while (see video below). 
                                                                  Courtesy: YouTube

Let's just hope this isn't going to be a trend like Puff, Puff Daddy, P-Diddy & Diddy (yes, those nicknames represent the same person) where he changes his name fifty million times.  All I have to say about Snoop's new name is why Lion? WHY?

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  1. At least he didn't change his name to an unpronounceable symbol like Prince did....sheesh that guy is crazy.


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