Stoddy's Showstopping!

Hey, bloggies! 

I was watching the amazing Anderson Cooper the other day, and he announced that Courtney Stodden will be making her reality t.v. show debut!  Apparently, the 17 year-old and her 52 year-old, husband, are appearing on a new reality show on VH1 called Couples Therapy.

Why yes, Mr. McConaughey, couples therapy!  Does this surprise anyone?  A 17 year-old and a 52 year-old are going to couples therapy.  What a shocker. NOT.  I am very excited about this reality show.  There's something completely entertaining about C Stodd.  I bet the show will be rilly rilly awesome, just like her tweets.  Speaking of her tweets, let's sample a couple, shall we?

Tweets via C Stodd's Twitter:

Rolling playfully on top of a white feathery fur rug as the strings of my garter swing around my thighs & whip me! *Tuesdays are Tingly! ;-x

Wildly wiggling & jauntily jiggling myself to jolting jams as I friskily flaunt a flirty outfit completed w/sexy white 7in. go-go boots! ;-)

Oh, C Stodd, we love you.  Whether you're looking forward to her reality show or not, she's coming to reality t.v....

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  1. That really grosses me out. A relationship with that kind of age difference.....Can we say 'daddy' issues???

  2. I know... I can't believe her parents would allow her to marry a guy older than her father.


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