Fall Moisturizing Lip Balms

Hey bloggies!  Fall is here and I know we are all so excited about the change in weather!  I swear fall makes everything more beautiful and I love the foliage and fact that there is hardly any humidity which means better hair days.  Along with no humidity comes dryer lips from the cool weather.  I'm going to review my favorite lip balms to keep on tap during the fall (and any other season) which will keep your lips moisturized to resist the cool weather.

1.  Maybelline Baby Lips
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This stuff is amazing.  It's a lip balm, so it's super soft on your lips and it comes in 5 different colors/flavors.  My favorite is Grape Vine, but they're all awesome.  My favorite thing about this lip balm is that it doesn't have that sticky residue some lip glosses do and it still gives you a tint.  Another plus?  It's got SPF 20! Another plus, you ask?  It's roughly $2.99 at any drugstore.  On a budget, I'll take it!

2.  Softlips
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Not only does Softlips come in awesome flavor combinations, it also has SPF 20!  This bad boy is awesome and gives your lips a little tingle when you put it on, which is a sign it's working on healing and protecting your lips.  You can buy it at any drugstore for about $3.50.

3.  Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Pic via ulta.com
Who doesn't love Burt's Bees products?  They're all natural, which is a plus and they also contain a sun protectant.  You can buy this balm at any drugstore for around $3.00, but the reason why it's numero tres on my list is that it doesn't last as long on your lips as Baby Lips and Softlips. 

Don't forget to protect your lips during the fall!  Just because the sun isn't as strong during the fall/winter season, doesn't mean it can't cause damage.  Now you can be like Lil' Mama and gush about your lip balms (just replace the lip gloss with lip balm).  Does anyone remember this song?  I just love how lip gloss can make all the boys chase you.  If only we all knew this secret back in the good ol' school days.  Go ahead bloggies- rock your lip balm!

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