Ryan & Blake Tie the Knot!

Okay, so I'm assuming everyone was shocked to read/hear that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively tied the knot last weekend (I know, I'm late on this!) in Pleasant, SC, which is totally a few hours away from me!  I can honestly say I'm happy for the newlyweds- sorry ladies.  I'm glad he married someone elegant, rather than good ol' Scarlett Johansson (that cannot be her real name, people).  I never liked those two together- there's just something about that woman.  Take a look at the newlyweds!

Pic via: alloyentertainment
So what if there's a ten year difference between the two?  I'm sure most girls wouldn't mind an age difference if the guy you're marrying is Ryan Reynolds.  A lot of people aren't familiar with Blake Lively, but she was in several movies, such as Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted and The Green Lantern, but most people know her as Serena from the series Gossip Girl, which I am completely addicted to.  What do you guys think about the newlyweds?  Do you like the new Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Reynolds?

I don't blame them for having a secret wedding.  Weddings are chaotic enough, let alone being in the limelight.  Cheers Blake & Ryan!

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