Witch Hazel is a beast

Bloggies- I've discovered the all time BEST product for acne/oily skin!  I am so excited about this (if you're a regular to my blog, you know that I could run my car with the oil I produce on my face) because I've been trying so many different facial products for cystic acne/oily skin.  The amazing product I've found is....
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Witch hazel!  This product is honestly amazing when it comes to oily skin, but that's not all it helps with.  Not only does it help control oil on your face, but it also can set your makeup, and you can also use it as an alternative to dry shampoo.  

Let's begin with the pros as a skincare regimen.  After washing your face, simply dab the witch hazel on a cotton ball and rub it all over your face, neck and chest.  It's 100% natural, so it won't dry out your skin no matter how many times a day you use it.  After applying the witch hazel, continue with your usual skincare routine.

This bad boy can also help set your makeup.  Pour some into a little spray bottle and mist it on your face after applying all of your makeup.  Not only will it set your makeup, but it will also help absorb any oil your face produces during the day.

The other great thing this amazing product can do it is act as an alternative to dry shampoo.  It's absorbs oil, so dab some on your fingertips and run it throughout the roots of your hair in between washes.  After applying it to your roots, blow dry your roots and the oil will be absorbed!

Another pro?  This beast is super cheap!  You can find it at any retailer or drugstore for about $4-6!

I'm telling you, this product deserves an award.  A major award at that (duh, referring to A Christmas Story)!  I can get so off topic, I swear.  I guess I'll end on that note!

Best movie ever!



  1. I've been fighting with oily hair for.ever. I've tried everything. Clarifying shampoo, dry shampoo, washing everyday not washing everyday. It's a never ending battle. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to try it out.

  2. Same here... I tried so many different shampoos and dry shampoos, but I've been using the witch hazel and it honestly works wonders! Just dab a little bit all over your roots, blow-dry and wala! Let me know how it works for you!

  3. Oddly enough, a few days after I bought the witch hazel, I ended up with one of those heinous evil monster pimples. I used witch hazel on it, and I'm already seeing a fast improvement.

    I haven't tried it on my hair yet. Once I do, I'll let you know how it works!

  4. Glad yo hear it works for you! Have you tried it on your hair yet? It's amazing!


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