Fall's Must-Have Color: Oxblood

So the must-have color for this amazing season is oxblood/blood red/wine, whatever you want to call it, it's this bad boy:
Pic via mmmiata.com
Pic via intheircloset.com
I've been flipping through my magazines (Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, Allure just to name a few) and have noticed topnotch celebs working their wine red colors like crazy!  Blake Lively, one of my favorite celebrities because of her class, playing Serena on Gossip Girl, and of course marrying Ryan Reynolds (duh!) was spotted at a recent Gucci event wearing this beautiful fall color.
Pic via http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net
Of course most of us can't afford to buy top brand names for fall, so where can we find the latest fall color trend in affordable prices?  I recently picking up a prescription at Target and spotted a pair of oxblood skinny jeans on the clearance rack for.... $16.99!  Most skinny jeans retail for $39-150.  I was so excited about this amazing find.  For those of you who want to purchase a super cute oxblood skinny jean, I suggest Target.  Basically, I'm a Target junkie.  Even when they're not on sale, they're priced at $22.99 which is still an awesome price compared to designer brands.  They fit true-to-size, so that was another plus.  This skinny jean is the color "crimson" which is extremely close to oxblood.
Pic via target.com
Direct link: http://www.target.com/p/mossimo-supply-co-juniors-colored-skinny-denim-assorted-colors/-/A-14087063
For other oxblood clothes, I would go to T.j.Maxx or Marshall's.  I'm going to the new Marshall's that just opened here in Greensboro and will post about my finds, but I did find this cute skirt at T.J.Maxx in oxblood, but didn't purchase it:
Pic via tjmaxx.com
The awesome thing about this fall trend is that oxblood is the color of the season for clothing, makeup, handbags and accessories.  I found some Essie nail polish in the oxblood shade for $7 at target and Babylips chap stick with a deep red tint for $2.99.
Pic via target.com
Pic via target.com
Point of this whole post?  GET SOME OXBLOOD COLORED CLOTHES/ACCESSORIES FOR FALL!  Looking fashionable this fall on a budget is totally possible.  I'll post some finds from my Marshall's trip next week!  Bye bye, bloggies!


  1. Love the oxblood color. I want that skirt! Had one similar in charcoal last fall and loved it! I'm going online first thing and find something for fall in the new color. Thanks for the tip!!

    1. I love the oxblood too! Jealous you had a skirt similar- it's so cute!


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