Mustard Must-haves

Sorry for the delay between posts, but I've been sick these past few days!  Last week I blogged about oxblood being this fall's go-to color.  Another fall fashion color must-have?  Mustard.  Here's a swatch of this bad boy:
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So where can you get cute yet affordable fall 2012 mustard-yellow clothes?  You guessed it.  Target.  Here are some cute Target mustard must-haves!
Skinny jeans in Dijon $22.99
Pic via
Merona double breasted classic peacoat in Roxy Gold $49.99
Pic via
Envelope clutch in Yellow $24.99
Hope these ideas in the trendy mustard-yellow helped you.  Whatever you buy doesn't have to be designer brand- you can still find amazing things at cheaper prices.  Just remember when you do wear this color to pair it with a neutral color to balance out the yellow!

I'm going to Marshall's later in the week when I feel better from this disgusting sickness, and I'll post some finds from my trip!  Hopefully I'll find some oxblood and mustard-yellow clothes.  Until then, bye bye bloggies!


  1. I bought a mustard sweater at Old Navy for like....$5 on clearance last year! Budget Winner for 2 seasons! I always figured if I got tired of the color I could dye it. :)

  2. $5? Score! I'm always looking for a great deal :)


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