Va-Va Vaseline!

Bloggies, let me start by saying it is FREEZING outside!

Not entirely true, but it's 39 degrees here in Greensboro, NC and that to me is cold enough!  My skin has been super itchy lately and my eczema is making it's return on my knuckles (if you don't know what eczema is, it's where your skin splits & cracks during the cool weather due to dryness) so I wanted to post about the best lotion I've tried this season for healing itchy dry skin.

Vaseline Total Moisture is my favorite winter moisturizer for itchy/dry skin during the cold weather.  It has oat extracts which is the best at healing dry itchy skin (duh, you remember soaking in an oatmeal bath during those disgusting chicken-pox days).  It's also affordable at around $5 a bottle and it's a 20.3 oz bottle so it'll definitely last you a couple months depending on how dry your skin is.

Stay warm during this cool weather (unless you're basking in the sun on some island, in which case I'm jealous) & please keep those harmed by Sandy in your prayers!

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