My Jam: Favorite Perfume Edition

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This perfume, or eau de toilette for you snazzy people, is my all time FAVORITE perfume in the world.  I'm on my second bottle since 2004 (I know I know, you're thinking "go buy some freakin' perfume, beezy!") because it has such a strong scent that you only need one spray and it'll last all day.  All day, people!  If I had to describe the scent, I'd say it reminds me of everything summer.  It has hints of watermelon, cucumber pulp, kiwi, lemon, lime, frozen nectarine and pure jasmine just to name a few.  I bought this beast for $25 at a local T.J.Maxx back in the day, but it retailed for around $55.  See what I did there? in it's discontinued!  I don't understand why this perfume is discontinued, but you can still find it in places like E bay and T.J.Maxx if you search hard enough.

Ralph Lauren, that's not "cool" to discontinue your best perfume!


  1. I love so many perfumes....I have quite a fragrance collection. Hard to believe, I know! I think my favorite for Winter is Burberry Brit. LOVE that stuff! It's like taking a walk in the woods.

    1. I haven't tried Burberry's Brit yet! It sounds good! I love perfumes and body mists! They're amazing!


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