Tarte Cosmetics Holiday Wishlist

I've never owned anything from Tarte Cosmetics, but have always dreamed of it!  I was watching QVC last night (I have NEVER watched it before, so don't think I'm one of the crazy people who sit on my couch in my robe, holding my phone waiting to call in) and came up with a Tarte wishlist consisting of 5 products.  Dream on, right?

1. Eye Catchers 6-piece smolderEyes & Skinny smolderEYES collector's set
$39.00- Tarte Cosmetics
Pic via http://tartecosmetics.com
These liners are absolutely stunning!  They're made from amazonian clay, so water and oil can't penetrate which means it's awesome for people with combination/oily skin.  I always have issues with my oily skin, especially with my liners creasing mid-day or smudging because of the oil.  Not only can you use these nifty things for liners, but you can also use them for a shadow if you smudge and blend them well.

2. Pure maracuja oil
$46.00- Tarte Cosmetics
Pic via http://tartecosmetics.com
So apparently this oil is perfect for hydrating skin, especially those with sensitive, dry or oily skin (um, hello!!) without giving it that greasy feel most moisturizers leave you with.  It has anti-aging benefits and won't cause breakouts.  Sounds freakin' amazing.

3. emphasEYES inner rim brightener
$18.00- Tarte Cosmetics
Pic via http://tartecosmetics.com
I've never tried an inner rim highlighter, but it's supposed to make your eyes appear brighter.  Sounds amazing!

4. Amazonian clay finishing powder
$28.00- Tarte Cosmetics
Pic via http://tartecosmetics.com
This finishing powder is supposed to provide all day wear for foundation and conceals imperfections.

5. Maracuja miracle foundation 12-hour broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen
$42.00- Tarte Cosmetics
Pic via http://tartecosmetics.com
This foundation has anti-aging benefits and is great for sensitive skin.  I love liquid foundation but haven't found one that provides good coverage without making my face appear overdone or even more oily (if that's possible).

So there you have it.  My Tarte holiday wishlist.  As the great band Aerosmith would say...

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