The "ain't nobody got time for dat" of the week...

You guys.  I'm scared.  Lindsay Lohan is talking about adopting a baby!  She definitely deserves my "ain't nobody got time for dat" of the week title.

Video via E! News

Pic via
I feel so bad for the child she's going to adopt if she doesn't change her life around!  She seems to be doing better with her comment about jail & how it was a blessing, but I hope she means it this time (she has a habit of saying that then gets off track).  Ms. Lohan, if you are going to adopt a baby let's just make sure you're truly done with your partying days and are capable of taking care of yourself, let alone a baby.

Pic via tumblr


  1. Yikes...LL with a baby? She can barely take care of herself!

    1. I know! I'd be surprised if a judge let her adopt without being sober for a year or something


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