The "ain't nobody got time for dat" of the week...

I seriously think I found a new friend.  Steven Reed is featured on a segment for a college called "Weber Cooks" and it's seriously the best 5 minute college cooking segment ( I didn't even know that was a segment...) ever.  Take a look for yourself:

Video via YouTube
I feel like this segment would be watched at 2 a.m. after college students have been partying and need a fourth meal.  My questions are as follows:

1. Do we really need someone to show us how to make Rice-a-Roni?  I mean, it's almost as easy as Ramen is.

2. Why does he leave the knife in the bowl when he microwaves it?

3. Shouldn't the glass bowl be hot after microwaving?

I have more questions, but I'll just stop it at three.  Basically, he deserves this title this week because I'm having a hard time understanding why he has a job and I don't?  I wonder how much he gets paid to do a tutorial on how to make Rice-a-Roni.  Regardless of the "ain't nobody got time for dat" of the week title, I still want to be his friend and wish I could watch him do his weekly segment.

On that note...

Pic via tumblr

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