Christmas List from the 90's

I thought it'd be fun to do a little roundup of Christmas gifts I requested back in the day to the present just to see how much people really do change over the years (man, I'm getting older).  Let's take a look at my awkward/weird/somewhat creepy/fun wish lists, shall we?

Does anyone remember Puppy Surprise?  As soon as I got this gift back in the early 90's, I remember ripping the mommy dog's belly open (what a creepy idea for a toy) to count how many puppies were in that b's stomach.  Sadly, mine had three, not five.  Santa didn't want me to be overloaded on puppy surprises I suppose.

Teddy Ruxpin was every kid's best friend.  My Fiancé didn't know what this amazing/friendly toy was until I introduced him to this commercial via YouTube the other day.  I remember Mr. Ruxpin came with a book he would read with you.  He was the nicest teddy bear.

Creepy Crawlers were my jam!  My neighbor back in the 90's was a boy two years younger than me who introduced me to this amazing-ness that was Creepy Crawlers.  It was so fun molding the bugs and baking them!

This was the CREEPIEST toy I ever had as a kid.  I remember my mom stood in line for hours to get me this for Christmas one year.  I loved this toy until one night when I woke up to the sound of its eyes blinking on my dresser, far away from my bed at the time.  Ever since that traumatic experience, my Furby ended up in the back of my closet, covered with an old t-shirt.  True. Story.

This day in age I'm into makeup and clothes, thank goodness.  I definitely don't need another Furby tragedy to happen to me again.  Let's just hope Furby doesn't make a comeback when I have children in the future.  I will not be able to handle that business.

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