How-to: [Elementary Style] Snowflake Nails

Warning, warning! This is NO grade-A how-to, rather, "a 5 year old did my nails" how-to.  What a shame.  I feel like I need to take an elementary art class all over again.  Sigh.

1.  First off, I made sure all of my previous polish was removed using acetone nail polish.  After making sure all of my polish was removed, I applied a base-coat of polish.

2.  Paint nails with a black nail polish- I'm using Rimmel London's "Black Satin".

3.  Take a bobbypin and dip into a nude/white polish- I'm using NYC's Nude polish.  Dab little dots along each nail into snowflake shapes like the picture below (I hope you can do better than this ish).

4.  Once the nails dry, apply a top-coat.  I'm using Brucci's "Acrylic Top-Coat".

5.  The end result:

Let me tell you why two of my nails are blurred.  Well, I tried to get a little crafty and tried to make a snowman on my nail and it came out looking like a walking zombie and was definitely creepy to the max.  Let's just say I will not be trying to make another snowman in my entire life.  My fiance couldn't guess what it was when he saw it.  Sigh.

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