My Jam: Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Edition

I have finally found a favorite lip gloss!  I feel like I've been searching ever since my teen years (that was a while ago.. phew) but I've finally found my "go-to & always going to buy lip gloss"!

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lip Gloss is truly a beast.  I've tried tons of drugstore lip gloss's and have always found them to be sticky and don't last very long.  This one is definitely the complete opposite!  I applied one this morning and my lips are still nourished and shiny.  I have this lip gloss is two shades:

Pink Whisper

Here's a look at the two swatches:

Don't be fooled with how deep the reds appear in the packaging- the glosses are very sheer and aren't very pigmented unless you apply more than one layer.  It's a lip gloss which is supposed to be sheer (duh, or I'd buy lipstick).  What I love most about these glosses is that they last all day.  Usually I find myself reapplying hour after hour, but I've had Firecracker on for about 5 hours and haven't needed to reapply.  You can buy these beasts for about $6.  Definitely give these bad boys a try!

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