My Jam: Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes

Santa decided to bring me some makeup brushes for Christmas!  He got me a few Sonia Kashuk brushes and I just wanted to share and review them for you guys!

Smudge Brush- $4.99
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This little beaut (I wish I were Australian, so I'll just pretend for now) is amazing.  Whether you're blending, smudging or lining your upper and lower lash lines, it'll give you great coverage and help your eyes appear larger (unless you're like me and your eyes are already gargantuan- no lie.  It's the Jewish Ukrainian in me.).  It's only $4.99 at Target, so it's definitely affordable.

Large Duo Fibre Multipurpose Brush- $12.99
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This brush is boss when it comes to applying a highlighter, bronzer or blush.  It provides sheer coverage so you don't look like an orange oopma loompa. Yikes.  I dip the brush into my bronzer and contour my face lightly and it doesn't leave any streaks behind.  Definitely a great brush if you use any bronzer/highlighter.

Large Crease Brush- $5.99
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The crease brush is perfect for adding definition and making your eyes appear larger.  Dip the brush into a darker eye shadow and apply in an upward-circular motion in the crease.

Synthetic Buffing Brush- $12.99
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I apply my liquid foundation (Rimmel's Clean Finish in True Ivory to be exact- definitely recommend to anyone with oily skin) with this brush and it gives my skin a nice pore-less/airbrushed finish.  It doesn't leave my foundation cakey and blends it nicely into my skin.  This is my favorite brush from Sonia Kashuk's brush line.

Seriously buy these brushes next time you're in Target if you want to apply your makeup more evenly to create a more flawless face/eye.  You won't be sorry.  Like Gretchen Weiners, you'll think these brushes are...

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