There's Something Lurking on Your Makeup Brushes!

So I have to blog about a very important topic in makeup that I've been a little obsessed with the past few weeks.  I started rigorously deep-cleaning my makeup brushes a few weeks ago after reading an article in one of my beauty/fashion magazines about bacteria that grows on makeup brushes.  Basically, it was disgusting and my face felt dirty after reading the article.  The average person either doesn't clean their brushes or cleans them once a month, if that.  STOP this habit and join the brush cleanin' bandwagon.  Why?

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  1. Makeup brushes collect a lot of bacteria.  The above picture is bacteria grown on unwashed makeup brushes over a period of time.  Would you want to apply your makeup to your face using this brush?  I don't think so, unless you like to be grungy.   
  2. Dirty brushes can cause acne and skin irritation.
  3. It shortens the lifespan of your brushes!  Good makeup brushes aren't cheap, so why would you want to shorten the lifespan of them?  I personally buy Sonia Kashuk brushes from Target, and while they aren't outrageously priced like some brushes out there, they are a little pricey for the average person on a budget.  I don't want to have to buy them often, so I wash them once a week.
How do you properly clean your brushes?  Run your brush under warm water (make sure it's not hot) and take a dime-sized amount of baby shampoo, mild soap or your current shampoo in your hand and scrub the brush then rise with cold water.  Take a clean bath towel or hand towel and wipe the brushes.  Lay them on a slant with the brush lifted slightly (this helps keep water away from the glue that's holding the top of the brush to the actual handle dry).  

Elf's Daily Brush Cleaner- $3.00
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Make sure that in-between your weekly washes you clean your brushes with a daily brush cleanser.  I use Elf's Daily Brush Cleanser and pat the brushes dry with a paper towel each evening before bed and the brushes are clean and dry by morning.

Clean yo' brushes, girls. Did Michelle just teach you something??

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