Paging Kristen Stewart!

.... give me my life back!!  I seriously can't go anywhere anymore without people looking at me funny and saying "you look like that girl from Twilight" or "that Kristen girl".  I went to the dermatologist (come on guys... I was trying to get my face fixed!) and the nurse gave me the most awkward look before she asked me if I was Kristen Stewart.   This seriously happens at least 2-3 times a week. I mean, really?  There are major differences in our appearance (the main diff is that I smile all the time).

All I have to say is Kristen, either pay me to do your public errands so you're not bombarded with the papz, or at least be my superstar bff.  That's all.  I know homegirl would be like this if she ever read this post.

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