3 NYX Cosmetics Must-Haves

I recently discovered NYX Cosmetics after shopping for my wedding makeup and I must say I'm bummed I haven't discovered their products sooner!  It's more of a high-end makeup brand versus some of the drugstore products, but it's very affordable!   I purchased a few of their products for my wedding and I must say that I am in love with all of them, so I decided to create this NYX Cosmetics must-have list.

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1. Eyeshadow base.  This stuff is incredible at keeping your shadow on all day and it makes the colors pop!  It's only $7, comparable to some of the other high-end eyeshadow primers that are $20-30! Holla!

Pic via nyxcdnlive.taylorpond.com
2. Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk and Yogurt.  Oh. My. Gosh.  These suckers are the ish.  They double as an eye shadow and liner. I'm sure the other colors are great but Milk and Yogurt are the ones I purchased for my wedding makeup.  Milk is amazing under your shadow to help the colors pop and Yogurt is the perfect champagne color to line your lower lashes with, or highlight the inner corners.

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3. Lip Gloss w/ Mega Shine. Let me tell you a little something.  I have been searching for the perfect, not-too-sticky, perfect-shine, hydrating lip gloss my entire 24 years of existence (probably more like 12 years- I wasn't a Toddler & Tiara kind of girl, so I started wearing makeup at the right age- woah, total blast!).  These glosses are PERFECT!  I have them in Sugar Pie and Pink Nude.  They wear all day, aren't sticky in the least bit and add the perfect shine to my lips.  I got them at my local Ulta for $4 each (I had a coupon) and I will definitely be adding to my makeup collection.
There ya have it, folks.  My top 3 NYX Cosmetics must-haves.  I promise you that these are not a waste of money and are great products.  They are also natural looking when you apply them and are completely affordable.  New favorite makeup line?  I think so!

She sounds like me with my miscalculation of 24 years of lip gloss-wearing.
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