Baby Product for Dry Adult Skin?

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If winter has your skin feeling like this poor dogs (let's not hope in the same spot...) then I have a solution for you!  I seriously sound like an annoying infomercial guy, ugh.  Ever since I was a kid I've suffered from eczema in the winter months.  My knuckles will crack and bleed and my legs are so dry and itchy that I could seriously scratch those b's off my body.  I've tried so many different moisturizers.  Most of them work great during the spring/summer, but for the freezing cold months I've found something that really works!

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Johnson's Baby Oil Gel is my new HG (holy grail) dry skin moisturizer!  I got it at Target for $3.00 the other day in the baby aisle. Before you think I'm planning on having a baby, let me assure you that I am not planning on motherhood for another few years (at least) and I'm not a weirdo that hangs out in the baby aisles, but it's not in the regular skincare aisle (I over analyze things way too much) so you have to awkwardly go to the infant/baby aisle.  You might be like, woah, why on earth would I use baby oil gel to get soft skin?, but I promise you this stuff is the bees knees (geez I just aged about 10 years, eek).  This stuff feels incredible on your skin and it locks in moisture 10 times better than regular lotion on dry skin.  After you shower, towel dry but stay a little damp and apply this all over your body.  You'll love the way your skin feels and smells!  It also feels amazing after shaving- just apply this bad boy to your legs and they'll feel like pure silk!  Seriously try this and you will not be disappointed.

I might use this as my constant moisturizer regardless of what season it is.  Awesomely smooth skin year round?  I'll take it!
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Preach on, Gretchen Wieners, preach on.

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