Mr. Sean "The Bachelor", I'm upset with you... (& predictions for the top 2)

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Let me just say, Mr. Sean whatever the heck your last name is, I am not pleased with your decision to send Des home.  She was clearly the best girl out of all of them, but I guess Mr. Bach (..elor) wanted someone that was more "meant for him" as he put in words during an interview with Chris Harrison.  I swear these two had the most chemistry and seemed the most natural together, but I guess he didn't think so.  

Am I crazy or does she look a lot like Demi Lovato?  That was redundant.
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Anyway, back on track here, since my favorite Bachelor contestant is gone, I'm going to make my prediction for who he chooses.  We have these three left:

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I'm going to say Lindsay and Catherine are the in the top 2.  Why?  I was watching the special last night with Sean and Chris Harrison and they showed a preview for the rest of the season and it showed Sean at the (I don't even know what to call it) proposal spot at the very end and Chris handed him a note that one of the top 2 girls wrote.  Catherine has been giving him notes this entire time, so I would have to guess that the note is from her.  Ultimately, I see him choosing Lindsay.

Who do you guys think Sean will choose?  We know it won't be Tierra, thank goodness.  That B is already engaged to someone else. Poor guy.

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  1. You picked it on the final two! Good job :) Ok, whose your final prediction?

    1. Lindsay for sure! Catherine is in a different place in life. Who do you think?


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