My Predictions on Baby Kimye were Correct!

Holla, you guys.  If you read my January post, Baby Kimye is Peekin' Through, you'd know that I made the prediction that Baby Kimye will be a girl.  Wallah!  US Weekly reported the two are expecting a girl and are very excited about it.  Just start callin' me Miss Cleo!  For you younger people who might not know who Miss Cleo is, she was a fake psychic (I think all are since I don't believe in this ish). I urge you to watch the clip below.

Some of you have to remember her.  Her commercials were constantly on during the 90's. Ahhhh the good ole' days.  Of course Kimye's baby is going to have a "K" name.  I'm guessing Kristina, Kristy, Kaitlin or something unique like Kai (no lie, that's a real name- found it here).

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