Give Me a Crystal Ball and Call Me Miss Cleo (not really)

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I'm right again you guys with one of my predictions!  In my "Mr. Sean The Bachelor, I'm Upset with You" post, I said Catherine and Lindsay would be the final two on The Bachelor and boy was I right.  AshLee was given the boot this past Monday and I must say I'm pretty happy about that.  She's too serious all the time and she and Sean were never silly with each other.  Check out that b's exit on this past weeks episode.

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Poor Sean.  He explains to her why he sent her home and she just gives him that evil stare.  I hate how she says "this wasn't about joy and laughter and having fun".  Umm... don't you want to be able to have fun with the person you love?  I just don't get you, AshLee, I don't.  I liked her at first because she seemed sweet, but she's just too darn serious for my liking.

I was leaning more toward Lindsay being the one he chooses in a couple weeks, but I think I'm going to have to guess Catherine after last weeks episode.  He seems happier when he's with her versus Lindsay.  I think this is the first season where I like both final 2 girls.  So there you have it- I'm predicting Catherine to be the one he chooses during the finale.  Who do you guys think he'll choose?

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