Taking Disney a little too far...

You guys.  This lady from Missouri took her obsession with Disney fairy tale's a little too far.  Her name is Jamie Chandler and she's an aspiring actress who has been in love with Disney movies her whole life (um, who wasn't back in the day?  key word, back in the day.).  She had a little too much Disney going on with her wedding.

Yes, these are her bridesmaids.  They are dressed as different princesses.  It makes me feel awkward.

Can't forget about the groom/groomsmen.  I can't figure out who any of them are besides the groom.  It's just...weird.

I like her dress and she looks beautiful, but why is her dad carrying that Ursula wand and why does he have that thing on his head?  This is too much!

This is my favorite picture from their wedding day.  The officiant has the best face in this picture and his Mickey ears just seal the Disney theme.  I can't decide if this wedding is creepy or just plain weird?  What do you guys think?

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