Cheap Girl Spa Day

Hey there, bloggies!  So who isn't on a budget these days (if you aren't, then I have no clue why you're even reading this, and I'm jealous)?  You need at least a couple hundred dollars if you want to be pampered at the spa, but this broke girl found a cheap way to bring the spa to you (this seriously sounds like an infomercial)!  Keep reading if you want to find out how to have an at-home facial and pedicure!

At-home Facial

This might sound ghetto, but I promise this at-home facial will make your skin a million times cleaner than washing alone, and will shrink your pores!  Boil water then pour into a large mixing bowl.  After the boiling water is in the bowl, sit down at a table and put your head over the steam (not too close).  Take a towel and cover your face and the bowl (you should look crazy doing this, if you're doing it right).  You want to make sure the steam is rising on your face, which is why you want to place the towel over your face and the bowl.  Let the steam seep in your face for a good 5-10 minutes, then apply a clay facial mask.  After washing the mask off, your skin should feel super clean- comparable to a $100 facial!

At-home Pedicure
ewww, ignore these nasty b's.
Take another large mixing bowl (if you only have one, then wash the one you used for the facial) and fill with boiling water.  While waiting for the water to cool a bit, add some foot soak- mine is from Walmart for only $0.90!

Once the water is warm, not scorching hot, place a towel under the bowl and kick back on the couch watching your favorite show and let your feet soak until the water is cool.  When you're done, apply a lotion to your feet and bam!  You should feel super clean!

This at-home spa day cost me $0.90 total!  Definitely a poor girls version of a day at the spa.

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  1. I love that .gif! I shall and always be, your BFF: Broke Friend Forever! :P

    Gonna try that Foot Soak later. What facial clay mask did you use, btw?

    Gregg Mulherin

    1. Glad you liked it! I use Freeman Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Facial Mask.. got it at Walmart for $5! Definitely my jam!


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