Get Your Ish Together, Amanda Bynes!

What in the world is up with Amanda Bynes these days?  I grew up watching her (although she used to drive me crazy at times) on All-That back in the 90's- for you little kiddies, it was a show on Nickelodeon back in the day...basically a 90's teen version of SNL.  I really don't get what happened to her?  Take a look at these pics where she was spotted walking around NYC...

Pic via
Pic via
What's up with her new look?  She's sporting some Christina Aguilera hair and some funky nonsense clothes.  I don't mean to be harsh, but I remember a completely different Amanda Bynes that we all knew back in the day.  I feel sad for her!

Pic via
This is the Ms. Bynes I remember!  Pretty, sweet and put-together (at least from the public's point of view). Check her out during the Amanda Show/All That phase of her life...

Video via YouTube
 I feel sad that so many celebrities have changed drastically after being in the spotlight for so long.  I'm hoping she goes back to the Amanda Bynes we used to know!

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