Hello, My Name is Miss Cleo. Nice to Meet You...

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Okay.  Catherine was the girl Sean proposed to... I totally called that in my Give Me a Crystal Ball and Call Me Miss Cleo (not really) post from two weeks ago.  I feel like there should be some type of award or trophy (how sad is that?  I guess I wasn't that good in the sports I played back in grade school.  It all makes sense now...).  I want a big ole' trophy that says "Best Bachelor Predictor" or something snazzy like that.  If only.

I knew Catherine was at least in the final two a while back, because during the promo for the finale, Sean was given a note from Chris.  Obviously it was from Catherine since she always wrote him little notes the entire season.

I am so excited that Des is the next Bachelorette!

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I knew she'd be the next Bachelorette since she was this season's favorite contestant, but I'm still pretty excited about it.  Why?  I have no friggin' clue.  I've been watching this show since it first came on (yes, i was that 14 year-old who was forced to watch it when her mom watched the first season- this was back in the 90's people- only 1 t.v. per household).  I think Des' season will be pretty good, but I think she'll have a hard time choosing one guy because she is super sweet.  I'm pretty excited for the premiere sometime this summer! Who's with me?

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