Grumpy Cat, I'm Joining Forces with You.

So, MyCy (Miley Cyrus)... I don't know if I made that nickname up, or if that's real, but man that's a good one, is a twerkin fool.  What the heck is twerkin? Good ole' Urban Dictionary defines it as:
"When a girl is rubbing her butt up and down or all over a poll **(I think they mean pole?)
(Looks like she's trying to rub something off it.)
"I know them hoes in the club they ain't twerkin fo free"
That ish came straight from the Urban Dictionary website.  I swear I don't make this stuff up!  Anyway, back to my original point, MyCy is going cray lately.  What's her deal?  I miss the old Miley- the Hannah Montana, Party in the USA, sweet girl!  She's been on this weird track for a while now, and she posted this video of herself twerkin in a unicorn outfit.  Ugh.

 Video via YouTube

I don't even have words for this.  What his this world come to?  Grumpy cat, I'm going to be your new bff, because this is crazy.
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