My HG (Holy Grail) Shampoo & Conditioner: Herbal Essences Smooth Collection

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Herbal Essences recently relaunched their old Smooth Collection shampoo and conditioner line and I must say it's my new boo thang.  I remember using this stuff as a kid, and smelling the shampoo brings back the 90's- parachute pants, Power Rangers and so much more (what a great time).  The smell is like sweet roses and seriously lasts for a couple days if you go sans shampooing some days.  The shampoo has no silicone and the conditioner contains no sulfate, so it won't weigh your hair down.  

I have super unmanageable wild beast-like hair (I sound so attractive) and this duo tames it!  

My hair seriously look like this prior to these products!
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It's easier to style and is so smooth to the touch.  My hair hasn't frizzed so far in this spring weather, so I'm hoping it stays the same during the humidity-ridden summer months. I purchased these for $3 each, which is a pretty good deal considering they're 13.5 oz. bottles so they'll last a few months.  Definitely not using any other shampoo and conditioner as long as it keeps taming my mane!

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