Caterpillar Eye Brow Solution!

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I've never used a brow kit before in my entire life, but this kit is amazing and really does define your brows without making them look like caterpillars growing on your face.  I recently got my eyebrows waxed and of course they waxed them too much and I looked like I had no brows, so I stopped by Target to get this kit.  It was only $3, so I figured what the heck- why not?

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I'm so glad I got it!  The kit is available in 4 shades.  I got medium because I have very dark brown/almost blackish hair and it matched perfectly.  There's two shades included- a darker gel and a lighter powder.  The brush that's included isn't the best but I just use my elf small angled brush to define the brows with the darker gel, then sweep the powder over the brow with the soft part of the included brush.  The gel keeps your brows in place while the powder helps the brows appear more natural.  Overall, I'd give this brow kit two thumbs up!  Definitely worth the $3!

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