L'oreal Liquid Powder Foundation Review

Hey, bloggies! I seriously haven't blogged in forever and I've missed it terribly! I started a new job back in May so I've been focusing on that for the past few months with getting trained/acclimated.  I love my job so much and am super happy to be working in my field of communications. Also, I got married back in late April so I've been off the charts for what seems like 27 years (completely impossible considering tomorrow is my 25th birthday) but want to start this blog up again because I truly do enjoy all things makeup and blogging!

So let's get to the beauty ish, after all, that is what this blog is for. I've been on the search for a good drugstore foundation and have been getting a little closer to figuring out what I want in a foundation with each one I try.  The most recent I've tried is L'Oreal Liquid Powder foundation and I've been liking it a lot so far!

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What the product claims to do:

  • No flaws
  • No makeup feel
  • Powder-like finish
The bottle says to apply with fingertips and that it's not recommended for use with a sponge/brush, but I disagree.  I prefer to apply my makeup with a brush because I don't want to add excess oil on my face and I love my makeup brushes.  I've only applied it with my Sigma flat-top kabuki brush which I'm obsessed with, but I'll save that for another blog post.

It comes in a sleek glass bottle which I honestly don't care for.  The fact that it doesn't have a pump is a huge turn-off, simply because the product won't stay sanitary.  I prefer foundations with a pump, and preferably a little more foundation- it's only available in 0.91 FL OZ, which is less than the standard drugstore foundation. The price isn't bad, but is on the higher spectrum of drugstore foundations. Also, it's very runny, so be sure to be careful when applying.

  • Kept my shine under control for three hours which is huge for me, considering I could fuel my car for a year based on how much oil I produce each day (I'm so utterly attractive)
  • Felt smooth and really felt as if I wasn't wearing any makeup
  • Didn't feel like it clogged my pores/haven't broken out
So there you have it.  Overall, I'd give this product a 7/10 for my skin.  I would repurchase, but I still want to find that "ah-ha" foundation that I cannot live without (how dramatic, Michelle).  I would definitely recommend it and it's worth the $12 to try.  Tip? Go search the internet for a L'Oreal coupon- they're always out there and it's worth the search to save a couple dollars!

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