Christmas 2013 Wishlist

It's that time again, bloggies! The air is filled with that snowy feeling (what the?) and the music is already beginning.. it's Christmas time! Yeah yeah yeah, I'm about a month early on this, but it's never too early to start a Christmas wishlist, right? These are products I can keep dreaming about because they're either too expensive or I'll just never go buy because I'm too lazy on my days off (I basically live in sweatpants and look like a crazy person with no makeup and no hur did- yep I went there). These are in no particular order because they're just that fabulous!

1. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer

This bronzer is supposedly one of the best for fair-skinned girls (holla all my other vamps!), giving your face that natural sun-kissed glow rather than that "I just put an orange streak on my cheek to contour and I think it looks sexy" look- so not cute.  Why haven't I bought this product yet? It's $28 and I'm just no all about putting that much money into something I've never tried before. Maybe one day I'll make the purchase, but I'm not feelin' it at this moment.

2. Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface


How beautiful does this blush look? It's the perfect pink for any skin tone.  It's made from amazonian clay (obvi) which means it's great for oily-skinned people (how deep) like yours truly. I always have trouble with blushes holding up throughout the day because I'm so oily and because I have a bad habit of touching my face.  Why haven't I purchased this bad boy? It's $26, so basically the same reason as last.

3. Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + in Ivory

I've heard so many great things about this foundation for oily skin! It's oil-free which my dermatologist recommended and it's water resistant, so when you start to get all greasy, the makeup won't rub off your face. It's also a full coverage foundation, so it'll cover up any acne scars/discoloration. This is $48 so I will never be trying this out. Sigh.

4. Sigma's F05 Small Contour brush
This brush seems like the perfect contouring/blush brush because of how small it is. It'll be easy to define cheek bones and apply blush to the precise spot you want to. This brush is only $12, so I will be purchasing when they have some good coupons soon (I think they have 20% coupons around Christmas).

5. Nume's Megastar Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This straightener seems like Let's get past the realization I just said that phrase and get to why it seems so good. It's 5 star rated, so that's a major selling point for me, especially since I have naturally wavy, frizzy, lion-like hair and it doesn't do well with staying straight no matter how many products I slather my hair with.  I currently have the Babyliss Pro straightener which I'm pretty happy with, but this one is my next straightener for sure.  It's priced at $199, but one of my favorite beauty guru's, Casey Holmes (itsbl0ndie from YouTube) has coupon codes for only $79- how awesome! I'm not saying I'm hoping my Babyliss kicks the bucket soon, but I wouldn't be all that upset so I can purchase this bad boy.

There ya have it- my Christmas wishlist for this year.  What are you wishing for this season?

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