Lilly Brush Review


So iFabbo sent me the Lilly Brush to review and let me tell you... it's been such a lifesaver. It has bristles to remove pills on sweaters, lint and pet hair. Now that it's fall time, I've pulled out all my sweaters I've kept locked up for the past six months and they're kinda old since I haven't bought any new sweaters yet this year and honestly I don't think I need to.  I took this handy brush and used it on a few of my sweaters and it made them look brand spankin' new.  Freakin' amazing.

Listen, I have three pets. Yes, you read that correct- three, tres, whatever you want to call it (no, I'm not a hoarder I just love animals to pieces). We have one short-haired cat, one cat with more hair than a yeti, and a chocolate lab and they all shed like they're going bald. I vacuum three times a week because if there's a buildup of pet dander then my husband and I both start sneezing (we're those crazy people who have allergies to pets and still have them anyway- we'll do anything for our furry children). My little monkeys (yep, I'm that weirdo that calls their pets names other than their own) hate the vacuum. I mean hate.


To avoid them stressing over the vacuum, I take the Lilly Brush and swipe it on our couch, comforters and pillows and this saves me so much time from lugging the huge vacuum around to different rooms. It's amazing and I totally recommend it if you have pets or want to make your sweaters look like new!

You can purchase the Lilly Brush on amazon for only $12.95 on Amazon which in my mind is an unbelievable price considering it's for multiple uses. To read more on this fab product, visit their website:

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