Products I Won't be Repurchasing

Well hello sugar plums!  I've had some beauty/makeup products I've stopped using due to finding something better in it's place, or the product just didn't hold my interest. I'm always on the fence about throwing products away if I don't like them because I have that voice in my head saying "no! you'll like the product someday so don't throw it out!" Well, I finally caved and gave the following products the boot.

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in Sun Light

This product didn't do anything for me. When I say didn't do anything, I mean when I apply the bronzer you can't even tell it's on! I swatched it on my hand by doing 3 layers in the above picture- can you see anything other than my hulk-like vein? Gross. I picked it up at the drugstore a few months back because I was looking for an affordable matte bronzer that could give my fair skin some color, but it didn't do anything.

Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

I wanted to love this BB cream, but instead, after about a month of wearing it, I just can't wear it again. It does nothing for my skin. It doesn't keep me matte, it doesn't hide discoloration and it makes my pores larger than life.

Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer

I was expecting this lotion to do exactly what it's called- moisturize while keeping me matte all day. Wrong. It didn't even keep me matte for longer than 3 hours, which is just a no-no in my book.

 What are some products you didn't like and won't be repurchasing?

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