Favorite Gel Liner

For all my oily girls out there or anyone who's a gel liner fanatic, I've got to tell you about my favorite gel liner- favorite as in I never purchase any other kind and I probably never will. That's pretty legit in the makeup world, trust me.

L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner is hands down the best you can purchase! The best thing about this liner is that it's drugstore, so you can purchase it pretty much anywhere at an affordable price (under $10). The packaging is beautiful and comes in a little clear glass pot and even includes a free liner brush- and trust me, it's an amazing brush and the only one I use to apply the liner. It's such a smooth formula that glides on like pure oil- it's amazing. I use it everyday to tight line my upper lash line to make my lashes appear fuller.

Left: Navy; Right: Dark Slate
Top: Navy; Bottom: Dark Slate
I have mine in two shades: Navy and Dark Slate. I used to go for black liners across the board because I have very dark hair and figured why not match my hair color to my liner, but I've recently started using a navy or dark grey color to still blend in with my dark hair, but not make my liner look so harsh. It gives it a much more natural look than a black shade would. Plus, I have green eyes and black doesn't make them pop as much as a grey or blue liner does. If you have lighter eyes whether they be green, hazel or blue, I definitely recommend switching to one of these shades!

Overall, this liner get a 10/10 in my book!  Have you tried this liner or have any gel liner recommendations?

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