Let it Burn

So this happened to me. I know every girl who styles her hair will recognize a curling wand burn from a mile away, although I've had some interesting looks in the past couple days as though it's an inappropriate mark on my neck as if I'm 15 or something. Get your head outta the gutters, people! I'm a classy lady!

I was wrapping my hair around the barrel on the opposite side of my head yesterday morning and when I went to switch hands, it sizzled on my neck for nearly 5 seconds before I noticed. It hurt so bad and all I could think was "please don't scar right on my neck!" Basically, I learned my lesson to not curl my hair prior to drinking a full cup of coffee.

This lead me to create a post on how to prevent scarring from any type of hot tool whether it be a straightener, curling wand or curling iron. I feel like I'm a pro on this subject since I'm accident prone and get some type of injury on a daily basis. I'm also that "ouch" saying girl when I hear a noise that sounds like it'd hurt me even though nothing did.

Step 1. DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT put ice on the burn (like I have in the past)! Contrary to a persons first reaction/assumption regarding putting ice a burn, you're actually going to harm it instead of heal it because it can cause frostbite.

Step 2. Apply aloe (fresh from the plant, not a bottle if possible) or an antibacterial ointment.

Step 3. If a blister forms, DO NOT pop it. Let it naturally pop or this can cause an infection.

Step 4. Once the burn begins to scab, apply vitamin E oil until it naturally falls off. This will help prevent scarring as vitamin E is a miracle worker on skin.

And there you have it- probably my most boring post ever, but I know women everywhere suffer from a hot tools burn at some point in their lives and we all know that we want to avoid scarring as best we can.

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