Magic Bullet Mash-up!

So I had to hop on the Magic Bullet train to healthyville. Yes, I just said the most ridiculous pun ever. Regardless, I have this urge to get healthy lately. I mean, I'm already a pretty healthy eater (minus the Lactaid ice cream addiction), but I'm striving to make healthier changes to my diet to feel fuller longer so I don't snack on ridiculous things like potato chips and pop tarts.

I was at Kohl's a while back because:
A. I'm cool
B. My parents sent me $30 in Kohl's cash (but not really, but we'll get to that later)
C. Our blender was practically the same age as me. It was hot twenty-something mess that would no longer blend- AKA it's only purpose in life.

So I ended up at Kohl's and walked around for almost an entire hour with the stress of what to spend the Kohl's cash on. For some reason it's very stressful and a tough decision. But anyway, I stumbled across the Magic Bullet on sale! The price wasn't marked but it had one of those red electronic sale things next to it, so I took it up to the customer service line and asked the cashier to price check it. The little bugger was $90. I immediately said I found a cheaper one elsewhere and started to leave but then the lady sucked me back in by saying she'd honor the price I found it for. At Target it was on sale for $49, but had less pieces (the one I was getting has 17 pieces and I'm pretty sure the Target one has 10). She said no worries and honored the price! Um... I'll take it? Anyway, then she went to scan my Kohl's cash and said it was already used back in FL (where my parents live). Apparently they sent me used Kohl's cash. You can't be mad at them though, still a sweet gesture! The point of this story is that I got it on sale and joined in the Magic Bullet trend.

I mainly got it to make smoothies as a post-workout snack and morning pick-me-up.  I made my first one today and figured I'd share my recipe with you guys!

Let's call it a Ras-banana Berry Smoothie:

1/4 cup frozen raspberries
1 frozen banana
A handful of blueberries (not show for some odd reason)
A handful of spinach (psst. If you don't like the flavor of a healthy green then add it into a smoothie because you can't taste it!)
8 oz orange juice
Blend for 10 seconds and you're good to go!

Of course you don't have to use a Magic Bullet. Just use any type of blender you have. If you try this recipe, let me know! Or if you have your own recipe, let me know since I'm basically obsessed and can't wait to try new recipes!

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