9/11- My Experience

With it being the 13th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack, I deemed it necessary to dedicate a post in remembrance of those we have lost. My prayers go out to those families and friends who lost loved ones and those who saved the lives of others and those who fought to protect our country. We will always remember!

I remember it like it was yesterday- going with my church's youth group to NYC just two weeks after the attack. It was a last minute decision, but living in CT we were able to drive into the city in a matter of a few hours. We went to offer prayer and help feed the NYPD/firefighters who were working endless hours. It was probably the most heartfelt time of my entire life. To be in the city after such a devastating tragedy, to see the people of NYC in tears in every street corner and to look into the eyes and the shake the hands of those officers and firefighters who were risking their lives to search for more survivors in the rubble was the most indescribable feeling. It was a feeling of sadness, appreciation and fear all at the same time. Not to mention, I was only 13, so it was hard to grasp what had just happened to our nation in its entirety.

We were able to walk onto the platform where President Bush was a couple weeks prior to view the rubble. We were cautioned before going in that it would be a lot to handle and that it might be in the best interest of some to not enter. On our way to the platform, we were asked to step back as they had found more bodies and needed to extract them from the rubble. Hearing that made all of us break down in tears. We saw stretchers with body bags come out and be loaded into ambulances where crews were onsite to hopefully find survivors. I remember getting chills and not really knowing how to react.  After they removed the bodies we were led by a firefighter who walked us onto the platform. He had us wear surgical masks so we didn't inhale the smoke from the debris as it was still burning. Standing on that platform was insane. I was afraid to look. I remember clinging onto my friend as we were both crying hysterically. Here's a pic I took while inside Ground Zero (apologies as the quality is awful- it was from a disposable camera):

View from the platform. Debris was flying everywhere and random things were falling from the towers.
I can't find most of my pictures, but I distinctively remember that metal debris from one of the towers formed into a cross:

Unfortunately not my photo, but I do have one somewhere.
The firefighters told us it gave them hope that God was watching over them. Honestly one of the most powerful things I've heard in my life. It was such an honor to help during this horrific time, even it was something so small. Feeding our heroes was one of the best feelings and I don't regret it for a minute. Please keep our country in prayer today.


  1. Oh wow! That is amazing that you were able to go and help like that. I'm sure it was an emotional time. I still get emotional to this day talking about it..thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Faith! I LOVE your name btw.
      Yes, it was a very emotional time. It was hard to put into words and I don't think I did it enough justice. Your blog is adorable :)


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