Finally Fall... Well, Sort Of!

I'm totally going to be one of those "annoying bloggers who dedicates an entire post to fall" because I love it so much! I will not, however, include my love of Pumpkin Spice Latte's because I'm simply not a lover of those- yuck.

Is it just me or did anyone else sense the change in the weather these first few days of September? It's overcast and in the 70's here in Missouri, so I know it's just around the corner. I  feel like fall is a breath of fresh air that brings happiness to everyone. I've never met anyone who doesn't put fall in their top two for favorite seasons. It's simply my favorite, and for good reason.  I decided to compile a couple lists as to why I love this season.

* Fall foliage- I mean, is there anything more beautiful?
* Apple cinnamon scented candles- smells so good!
* Apple cinnamon muffins
* Apple/pumpkin picking
* Cold apple cider. I don't mean the kind you get from Wal-Mart, but the real, genuine apple cider from a local apple orchard. Growing up in CT we had a ton of local farms and orchards who would make homemade cider. It's so good!

* Flannel shirts. The real flannel that's warm and thick! It's the perfect fall clothing.
* Boots, boots and more boots! I don't wear anything other than boots for fall. What's more comfortable? Whether they're riding or combats, they complete any fall outfit.
* Leather jackets. Because, why not?
* Fall scarves. They can easily dress up any outfit.
* Jeggings. I'm not a jeans person because they're so uncomfortable. Jeggings are so comfy and stretchy while still giving the appearance of jeans. I love the Super Super Stretch ones from American Eagle.
Other things I'm excited for but can't put into a picture collage:

* Leaving the windows open overnight to get the fresh air in
* Warm, thick blankets
* Scary movies
* Bonfires
* Better hair days
* Decorating the house with Hobby Lobby crafts
* Cooking my homemade chili
* Preparing food for our football Sunday's
* Taking long walks with our chocolate lab Zoey. It's finally cool enough for her to go on long walks and actually enjoy them. She also loves to play in the leaves!

Needless to say, I'm very excited it's almost fall! You better believe I'll be attending all of the apple festivals I can find here in the Ozarks. Bring it on, Missouri. Bring. It. On.

What are you most excited about for fall?


  1. Stopping by from the peony project :) I love this!!! I absolutely adore fall. there is just something so cozy & joyful about it!

    My husband and I have a chocolate lab too! she is half lab, half Siberian husky ;) We love taking her on walks and the husky side of her loves the cooler weather! :)

    Also, I too can't wait to check out hobby lobby this week and start up all the fun fall crafts! I am wanting to make a burlap wreath for fall.

    yay for fall & yay for new friends :) love your blog!



    1. Hi Katie!

      I love your blog too! Definitely added to my list :)

      I bet your dog loves the cool weather! Do you get snow where you live? I bet she loves that!

      I wish we could go to Hobby Lobby together, haha. I could spend hours in that store. I love burlap as well- most of our wedding decorations incorporated burlap :)

      Yes- yay to new friends!


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