Let it Grow: Month 1

So, I made a boo-boo. I went to the hair salon to get a couple inches off few weeks ago and OF COURSE they cut a solid 4 inches off my hair. Why does this always happen? The stylist also kept telling me that my hair was "damaged" and it "needed to be cut off so it can grow." Personally, I think that's poppycock. How can my hair grow if you keep cutting it right back to the same short length? Enough of this rant.

I'm creating a new series that I'm so excited about. Each month I'm going to try different combinations of "hair growth tips" that I research and on the 15th of each month (I realize it's the 17th, but the picture of my current hair length below was taken on the 15th) I'm going to take a picture to measure just how much they're speeding up the average hair growth process. Hair grows around .5 inches a month, so I'm going to see how long it takes me to get my long hair back. Goal? 20 inches like it was back in 2009:

Sorry for the quality- it was taken on a flip phone- that explains it all.

I saw the image below on Pinterest when I was trying to find hair growth tips:


And created this:

I took an old shirt and made measurements from 10-24 inches so I can track my progress. I know girls everywhere have experienced that dreaded too short cut, so I'm going to try several different growth methods to see what's myths vs. facts (of course each person is different and I am not a hairstylist). I should be down to 20 inches in 16 months which puts me at my goal in January 2016, but let's see if we can speed the process up because that sounds like it's 8 years from now.

Hair growth tips I'm taking this month: Taking 5,000 MCG's of Biotin daily on top of using Macadamia's Healing Oil Treatment.

I'll write another post in this series on October 15, 2014 to show you if the combination of these products does in fact make hair grow faster.

Have you had a too short haircut and tried to grow your hair out? Are you trying to grow your hair longer? If so, let me know! Leave me some tips :)


  1. Cool idea on the hair growth chart shirt! I've been wanting to cut mine for a couple months now, but the last time I cut it short was over 4 years ago.. my hair just grows soo slow! Definitely going to follow along!

    1. Thank you Katie! I've always had longer hair but recently asked for a trim and they cut it all off! I just started following your blog as well. How was the 1D concert? :)


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