Weekend Review: Apple Picking

This weekend truly felt like a fall one for sure! The weather here in the Ozarks Saturday was in the 50's so of course we had to go apple picking. Growing up in New England, apple picking is a tradition each fall. When I say picking I mean putting on your boots, jeans and sweatshirts to get down and dirty climbing trees and spending hours apple picking. I googled (I Google EVERYTHING.... seriously) pick your own orchards in southwest Missouri and found a few but most weren't picking until late September. I did find one about 30 miles outside of where we live that had pick your own and was so excited!

When we got there we were a little confused because although the orchard had a sign that said "pick your own," people were walking around under a tent picking apples from baskets. We were slightly disappointed but figured we'd make the best out of it. Finally, we heard a tractor pull up and saw that we could actually go pick your own in their apple fields! We immediately hopped on and went on our way!  The family dog joined us and came along for some apple picking (he's in a couple pictures himself)!

They were some tall trees so of course being vertically challenged, the apple picker came in handy.

Hubby and his bag of apples!

We picked some galas and golden delicious and they are... well, delicious! I'm used to New England apples, but I have to admit that these Midwestern apples are amazing. Well done, Missouri, well done. We also picked up some other goodies at the orchard. They had homemade chili salsa (umm... delicious!), apple cider and concord grapes which is my favorite fruit on this entire earth.

I am SO glad we were able to make it out apple picking! Do you have a yearly tradition for apple picking or any other kind of fall festivity? Let me know!

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